Medicare -

Representatives and Medicare experts who say that Medicare should be means tested, are clearly not on Medicare itself. It is the only insurance plan in the United States that charges higher premiums based on income and delivers consistently delivers lower benefits. That's because you are far more likely to live in an area where doctors wouldn't be able to support their offices on the fractional reimbursement from Medicare. Why isn't there an option to pay out of network medical professionals a percentage of reasonable and customary fees, instead of nothing.

What's the point to having a Medicare 24x7 call center? If there's a question about a claim, they are not allowed to contact the private contractor the government hires to process the claims. Nor will they give you the contractor's telephone number. If it's an enrollment question, you get referred to Social Security. So what's the point of the call center? They are nice people with zero power.

Will President-Elect Trump change the system? Will anyone in Congress listen?‚Äč